THE BONE CLOCKS by David Mitchell

Have you read Cloud Atlas? I have enjoyed that immensely. This, however, surpasses it. I heartily recommend The Bone Clocks. I have enormous respect and admiration for the author for his ability to write superbly in more than one genre. His science fiction and fantasy novels are mesmerising, but so are his more literary works. I’ll probably write about another book of his later.


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7 responses to “THE BONE CLOCKS by David Mitchell

  1. Might have to check this out next, I loved Clout Atlas.

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  2. A story that surpasses Cloud Atlas? Need this on my shelf!

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  3. This is the review that finally convinced me to buy this book! I’ll let you know how I like it!

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  4. This sounds like a page turner. It’s definitely on my reading list. Thanks for the review!

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  5. I have always encounter this book but haven’t even held hands on it. I will buy this soon! Thanks for the review. :)


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