The true identity of Jack the Ripper remains the biggest mystery in the history of serial killers. This book offers forensic evidence to naming who the Ripper was. I liked the forensic approach more than other angles taken by previous researches (psychology, for example). Give it a read, perhaps you will be fascinated too!


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8 responses to “NAMING JACK THE RIPPER by Russell Edwards

  1. Good review. Will probably get this book.

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  2. That sounds like one interesting read! I’ll pick it up if I find it in bookstores here in Delhi. Thanks for the informative review. :)

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  3. franthebookie

    I love that you’re reviews are short!

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  4. Love your blog…glad I found it…I am always looking for new and interesting things to read!

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  6. I’m adding this one to my list

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