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Book Review: Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart (@amy_stewart)

This is my book review for Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart.

The author had been famous for… gardening reference books before she wrote this historical fiction. I am not sure how good her gardening books are, but this novel was a 5 star read.

It was based on the true life story of a remarkable woman named Constance Kopp. Ms. Kopp was from the 1914 era. Life for women had been very much different than life for women now. She was an Amazon of a woman: standing at almost six feet tall, and was one of the first female deputy sheriffs of her time. Even by today’s standards, she would be dubbed a “badass” feisty woman.

Read the author’s rendition of Ms Kopp’s extraordinary tale of protecting her family against gangsters. The author had done the story justice by researching life in the era authentically, but filling in gaps of Ms. Kopp’s personal perspective, adding a very human touch to a legendary tale.


Book title: Girl Waits with Gun

Author: Amy Stewart

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: Scribe

Book length: 319 pages

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FUNNY GIRL by Nick Hornby

I had been warned that this was a laugh-out-loud book so I mustn’t read it during commute. What I had not been warned about was that every single character in this novel was likeable, even the ridiculously narcissistic “love interest” of our heroine. This is a well-deserving bestseller. Funny Girl is much, much more than funny.

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The Bloodletter’s Daughter by Linda Lafferty

Happy Halloween! I had initially planned on writing a post on a horror novel, but then, this story seemed more appropriate. Truth be told, I was quite surprised at how well the tension between lust and obsession; witchcraft/ancient science/superstition and medical science played out.

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