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Review: PEARSEUS: RISE OF THE PRINCE by Nicholas Rossis (@Nicholas_Rossis)

This was slightly difficult to categorize: Fantasy? Science fiction? Mythology with modern elements? Or a conflicted personal growth story? The author managed to put all these together, with an interesting plot thrown in. I will probably continue with the series.

Book title: Pearseus, Rise of the Prince

Author: Nicholas C. Rossis

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Publisher: Self-published

Book length: 399 pages

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Review: ICE DIARIES by Lexi Revellian

This was a new discovery for me: dystopian fantasy, near future (2018, as a matter of fact). There were some small flaws and holes in the story, but all in all, an exciting read with a good mix of human struggles that ring true in any society or background.

Book title: Ice Diaries

Author: Lexi Revellian

Genre: Fantasy, Dystopian

Publisher: Hoxton Press

Book length: 282 pages

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CAT’S CRADLE by Kurt Vonnegut

I love satire. Vonnegut is possibly the best author who combines satirical commentary on humanity with his unique blend of humor and a fantastically absurd fantasy world. Some moments were laugh out loud in a terrifying sense, and makes you wonder how you’ve ever lived as a human being so naively before. A great read.

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A new book by Neil Gaiman: his unique blend of fantasy, magic, humor and wisdom. Gaiman did not disappoint. This collection of short stories would keep fans glued to their seats long after the last page has been read. My sympathies if you find it difficult to re-adjust to the real world.

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I always imagine reading this book during the winter, preferably in a snowy country, by the fireplace, so here it is, my recommendation for this Christmas season. I assume J. R. R. Tolkien needs no introduction. If you have enjoyed his fantastical worlds, then this will not disappoint: The Silmarillion, where everything all began.


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THE BONE CLOCKS by David Mitchell

Have you read Cloud Atlas? I have enjoyed that immensely. This, however, surpasses it. I heartily recommend The Bone Clocks. I have enormous respect and admiration for the author for his ability to write superbly in more than one genre. His science fiction and fantasy novels are mesmerising, but so are his more literary works. I’ll probably write about another book of his later.


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