FUNNY GIRL by Nick Hornby

I had been warned that this was a laugh-out-loud book so I mustn’t read it during commute. What I had not been warned about was that every single character in this novel was likeable, even the ridiculously narcissistic “love interest” of our heroine. This is a well-deserving bestseller. Funny Girl is much, much more than funny.

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4 responses to “FUNNY GIRL by Nick Hornby

  1. I love Nick Hornby but I’ve not ready this one…thanks. I’m off the to the bookstore today!

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  2. I’ve just started reading Funny Girl, will avoid reading it in public based on your recommendation!

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  3. This is definitely my kind of book because I like a good laugh. Will make a note of it. One that comes to mind as another great laugh was A Boy of Good Breeding – Mariam Towes


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